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EarthShift Global Sustainability News, Press Releases

Sustainable Packaging Symposium (SPS) 2016

Lise Laurin to Speak at the:

Sustainable Packaging Symposium (SPS) 2016

Current methods of assessing end of life in LCA typically show a benefit for recycling a product at end of life or a benefit for using recycled material, but not both. This is contrary to common understanding of sustainability and the circular economy.

Net Impact Conference 2016, Philadelphia

Impact Accelerator (Expert-led, interactive workshops and talks exploring leadership)

Matt Mayberry from WholeWorks and Lise Laurin
will guide you and your team as you are immersed into a complex, multi-stakeholder simulation and asked to build a solution that maximizes benefits for both business and society.

LCA Community Marks the Passing of Two Pioneers

Switzerland — July 26, 2016 —

The LCA community marks the passing of two pioneering members, Bill and Marge Franklin, who together did so much to advance the field of life cycle assessment (LCA) and served as mentors to many professionals over their long careers. Marge passed away in February 2011 and Bill in May 2016.

Impact Infrastructure Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership

NEW YORK Aug. 30, 2016 PRLog — In a move that will help organizations better understand the financial impact of investment in economic, social and environmental sustainability, Impact Infrastructure Inc., a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing triple bottom line (TBL) and benefit cost analysis of green and built infrastructure, has entered into a strategic partnership with EarthShift Global to standardize and promote Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) analysis and metrics. The companies will utilize Impact Infrastructure's Autocase process and EarthShift Global's 3Pillars software to help sustainability professionals and top level executives collaborate on achieving financial goals while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

Customer Centricity Drives Our New Business Strategy

KITTERY, Maine – EarthShift has evolved as EarthShift Global per founder and CEO Lise Laurin, today disclosing details of its new business strategy including Sustainable-ROI, powerful new features to its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software, revamped training and leveraging extensive international sustainability consulting and research experience.