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Our Team Shares a Commitment to
Sustainability – And to Our Clients’ Success

EarthShift Global’s team helps top-level executives, front-line practitioners, academic researchers and policymakers worldwide achieve their sustainability goals and objectives by providing Life Cycle Assessment software, consulting services, as well as onsite and online training programs that de-mystify the path to sustainability. Our proven approach emphasizes engagement, adaptability and credible, measurable results, and the incorporation of performance-enhancing sustainable thinking into everyday business decisions.


Lise Laurin, CEO and Founder (Woman-owned Business)

Lise Laurin CEO and Founder of EarthShift and EarthShift Global.Lise is a pioneer in Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She founded EarthShift in 2000, adopting these methodologies to support North American industries’ early efforts at sustainability. Lise continues to develop and leverage EarthShift Global’s training, simplified LCA tools and S-ROI tools to build organizational capacity and drive large-scale change. Her unique skillset and knowledge base has put her in demand globally by companies, organizations and governments alike.

Lise is currently the driving force behind the LCA Roadmap, working with the SETAC North America Life Cycle Assessment Advisory Group. She was a member of the UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative team working on Organizational LCA (O-LCA) and advocates for a balanced, holistic approach to LCA within the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Advisory Groups for LCA and Ecolabeling. She is an ACLCA-accredited Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional.

She continues to develop S-ROI, having broadened the scope from the original Total Cost Assessment methodology to include benefits and impacts to society, and in particular how a decision can be adapted to be a win-win-win solution for all stakeholders. Under Lise’s guidance, the technical team at EarthShift Global produces high-quality, high-value assessments for a range of clients. She also directs EarthShift Global’s software development and support and teaches advanced training courses in LCA, social impact assessment and S-ROI. 

Lise Laurin receives the 2017 Rita Schenck Lifetime Individual LCA Leadership Award.Lifetime LCA Leadership Award

Laurin received the 2017 Rita Schenck Lifetime Individual LCA Leadership Award at the recent ACLCA Conference, LCA XVII. As part of her acceptance speech, Lise reminded everyone that she wasn’t done… she challenged the audience to find positive cascading non-linear solutions to help with some of the world's problems.

View Video of award presentation, initial remarks.

Strategic Sustainability Roles on Corporate and Industry Advisory Boards

Lise is the Vice President of the Sustainability Conocente Network, a member of the board of directors for the ACLCA, a member of the SETAC Steering Committee for the LCA advisory board, a member of the US ISO TAGs on LCA and Ecolabeling and an advisor to the AIChE Institute for Sustainability and Engineers for Sustainability. Lise also serves as chair of General Electric’s Ecoassessment Advisory Board, leading an advisory team that will provide an external perspective on GE’s sustainability activities as well as advising the Ecoassessment Center of Excellence and recommending strategies and next steps to maximize GE’s effectiveness in a rapidly changing world. She holds a BS in Physics from Yale University.


Caroline Taylor PhD, Chief Scientist

Caroline Taylor, PhD, Chief Scientist for EarthShift Global.Caroline is passionate about sustainability, international development, and data. As EarthShift Global’s Chief Scientist, she combines these passions to conduct and support rigorous research and analysis for creating insights and tools that support strategic sustainability decision making for companies, governmental bodies and NGOs.

Over the course of more than 20 years in modeling and analysis, a decade of it in energy and sustainability, Caroline has worked with a range of stakeholders spanning industry, science and policy. She has participated in international scenario and resource modeling efforts, among them renewable technology initiatives in emerging economies and a variety of international working group. These consistently and repeatedly highlight the importance of equity and communication for sustainability, so she strives to advance the inclusion of both qualitative and quantitative elements in the decision making process through developments in modeling and the visual representation of data.

Caroline speaks and writes extensively on a range of topics including sustainability, energy and resources, risk and uncertainty, and global bioenergy development and impact assessment, and has more than 40 presentations and 30 publications.

Dr. Taylor is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Global Change Biology: Bioenergy and holds a visiting appointment with Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Classics and Chemistry from the University of California at Irvine, a Doctorate in Chemistry (Chemical Physics) from the University of Chicago, and was a post-doctoral scholar at Cornell University.


Nathan Ayer PhD, Senior Sustainability Advisor

Nathan Ayer is a Senior Advisor at EarthShift GlobalNathan brings an interdisciplinary approach to his work, along with a strong background as a professional consultant, academic researcher, and instructor.

He is an ACLCA-accredited Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional, and has been working as a senior LCA analyst for Canadian and U.S. clients since 2009. He leads EarthShift Global’s consulting services by conducting LCAs, chairing ISO critical reviews, developing and delivering LCA training courses, and contributing to software development. Nathan also has experience with other environmental management tools such as Environmental Impact Assessment and has previously worked for government environment departments in Canada. 

Nathan graduated from Dalhousie University’s Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. His research includes the use and refinement of LCA to assess emerging wood-based bioenergy systems as substitutes for conventional fossil fuels, and a critical analysis of the potential for these types of alternative technologies to contribute to global sustainability. In a related role, Nathan has also worked as a sessional instructor for a range of undergraduate and graduate university courses in sustainability, industrial ecology, and LCA.

Nathan is recognized for his excellent teaching and communication skills and is frequently invited to deliver guest lectures and has presented his work at several industry conferences. 

Valentina Prado PhD, Senior Sustainability Advisor

Valentina brings extensive expertise in developing decision analysis tools for life cycle assessments (LCA), and hands-on experience in the Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) assessment methodologyValentina brings extensive expertise in developing decision-analysis tools for life cycle assessments (LCA), and hands-on experience in the Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) assessment methodology. Her research focus has been in the incorporation of decision analysis to the interpretation stages of comparative LCAs, and tackles issues of normalization, weighting and uncertainty.

Prior to joining EarthShift Global, Valentina was an assistant professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden University in the Netherlands where she taught LCA theory and application in the Master’s program of Industrial Ecology. She also supervised MS students in their thesis work. In 2019, Valentina joined the management faculty of Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, as a visiting professor.

She conducted several S-ROI workshops for EarthShift Global’s predecessor company, and has done groundbreaking work in decision support for LCA which we will continue to extend as part of EarthShift Global's suite of tools.

Valentina holds a BSc with honors in Civil Engineering from Jackson State University, and an MSc and PhD from Arizona State University in Life Cycle Assessment and Decision Analysis. Her work is published in the International Journal of LCA, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Environmental Science & Technology, and Environmental Modeling and Software.

Based in Bogata, Colombia, Valentina is the main contact for our expanding Latin American presence. Her ample international experience includes LCA projects and academic pursuits in the USA, Latin America and South Africa, and she has lived and worked in Colombia, Canada, USA and the Netherlands. 

H. Thomas (Tom) Etheridge PhD, Senior Sustainability Advisor

Tom ‘s expertise is in application of life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint analysis in support of business strategies, corporate sustainability, and sustainability reporting. He had a 25-year career at HP, Inc. including 10 years as Worldwide Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint Program Manager.

In that role his responsibilities included helping to set the company’s sustainability strategy, calculating the carbon footprint of HP’s entire printing franchise annually, and using LCA to drive HP’s circular economy goals. His work supported HP’s industry-leading CDP triple “A”, SBTi, and DJSI ratings. Tom pioneered the use of LCA on business models and the use of anticipatory LCA in support of product design, improvement, and market creation for new and existing products and services. .

Prior to focusing on LCA and sustainability he worked in research and development in projects as diverse as molecular memory, photonic crystals, quantum dot inks, and printed electronics, as well as reliability for HP’s inkjet print heads.

Tom is a member of the editorial board of ecoinvent, directs the LCA Institute for ACLCA , and is the past chair of the Research and Conservation Committee of the American Orchid Society. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of West Florida and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Chicago. He did post-doctoral work at Rice University and was HP Visiting Scholar at MIT. Tom’s work has led to 10 patents and 20 presentations and publications.

Tom Whidden PhD, Chemistry Fellow

Tom’s extensive experience in many areas of industrial process chemistry began with training as an inorganic fluorine chemist. At Dow Chemical, he supported a world-scale process plant and researched polymer catalysis and properties; he later moved to Advanced Semiconductor Materials in Phoenix, AZ, where he developed variations on chemical processes for semiconductor production.

In the early 2000s the issue of anthropogenic climate change captured his attention and he spent the next dozen years as director of research for Atlantic Hydrogen Inc., leading development of sustainable processes for hydrogen production (and simultaneously developing expertise in LCA methodologies for retrospective process analysis and anticipatory process screening).

Tom’s academic work includes early participation in nanotech boom as a member of the Center for Solid State Electronics Research at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, where he investigated nanolithographic patterning science for quantum device fabrication. He later organized and led a joint industry/academia research team with the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB, Canada, with a focus on in-situ chemical sensing methodologies and feedback control protocols for use in semiconductor chemical processes.

This background in industrial process development, advanced academic research, and practical process implementation and optimization gives Tom a unique perspective for assisting EarthShift Global’s clients. His strengths will be especially useful in understanding process sustainability issues in existing and proposed industrial chemical processes, including identification of solid proxy data for chemicals not yet in databases.

Dr. Whidden holds a PhD in chemistry and has authored or co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed publication. He served for five years on Canada’s National Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Strategic Projects Grant Committee, and is currently an adjunct professor in the Chemical Engineering Department and an Honorary Research Associate in the Chemistry Department at the University of New Brunswick.

Juanita Barrera, Sustainability Analyst

Juanita Barrera is one of EarthShift Global's Sustainability AnalystsJuanita Barrera is based in Bogotá, Colombia; her work for EarthShift Global is primarily focused on life cycle assessment (LCA) studies for a range of clients. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Ecology from the Universities of Leiden and Delft in the Netherlands, where EarthShift Global senior sustainability analyst Valentina Prado was her thesis supervisor. Juanita’s background includes evaluation of alternatives to recovering chromic acid from the water used for the production process of tin-free steel, and potential water reuse in the production cycle, and many projects related to the calculation of the Global Warming Potential of Biogenic Carbon Flows. She has also worked on projects for quantifying impacts and benefits related to Land Use Change.


Miguel Hernandez, Junior Sustainability Analyst

Miguel Hernandez is one of EarthShift Global's Junior Sustainability AnalystsMiguel Hernandez is an experienced project leader in consumer packaged goods R&D. He worked for six years at Detergentes LTDA in Bogotá, where he helped develop TOP Terra, Colombia’s first eco-friendly home care products brand, oversaw recovery and management of over 50 tons of packaging, and generated millions of dollars in annual savings through improvements in formulation, packaging, and processes. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the same university’s Business School. Miguel is based in Bogota, Colombia.


Daniel Gerrior, Junior Sustainability Analyst

Daniel Gerrior is EarthShift Global's Junior Sustainability AnalystDaniel, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is primarily focused on life cycle assessment (LCA) related research and data collection for a variety of clients. He holds an LCA-focused Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering degree from Dalhousie University, a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Petroleum from Cape Breton University, and a Bachelor of Science with an advanced major in Chemistry from St. Francis Xavier University. Work experience includes a waste-to-energy analyst role at Nova Scotia Environment, researcher/operator in environmental mining for Yava Technologies, and performing ISO 14001 data compilation and reporting, as well as fuel and ash analysis, for Nova Scotia Power.


Karen Martinsen Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer

Karen Martinsen Fleming is EarthShift Global's Chief Marketing Officer Karen has over 25 years of marketing, product development, strategy, and business management experience and has been active in sustainable business for over a decade. Her career includes posts at leading consumer packaged goods companies; as head of strategy and marketing Karen was instrumental in the national expansion and profitable growth of Stonyfield Farm and Seventh Generation, widely recognized leaders in sustainable business.

Most recently, Karen was CEO and CMO for Good Earth Organics, a regional brand of organic soils optimized for cannabis and hemp. In preparation for national expansion she reorganized the company, developed new branding and products, and launched the brand on Amazon. As a result, the company achieved record revenue growth and bottom-line profitability. Karen was key to raising over $1 million in investor capital and preparing the company for an upcoming crowdfunding effort and Reg A+ public offering.

Karen also has extensive teaching experience in business, marketing and entrepreneurship. She served as Professor of sustainable business and director of the Sustainable MBA program at Green Mountain College, the nation’s leading college for sustainability.

She earned her MBA from Harvard University and her BA from Dartmouth College.


Holly O. Harris, Latin American Business Development

Holly Harris is a Sustainability Coordinator and manaages business development in Latin America for EarthShift Global.Holly heads EarthShift Global’s Latin American Business Development. She has represented EarthShift Global at conferences including CILCA 2015 and 2017, the International Conferences on Life Cycle Assessment in Latin America, where she has co-authored papers, unveiled the Spanish-language version of EarthSmart, and helped conduct training sessions. She is a key participant in EarthShift Global’s Latin American Pathways Challenge Network, which is developing Sustainability ROI data for a support program for small and medium-sized businesses, with funding from the U.S. Department of State and the World Environment Center.

She works with EarthShift Global’s other Latin American Pathways Challenge awardees:  Capilla Malla Inocua, a program which finances greenhouses for Guatemalan farmers; ICAM GROUP (Informática y Computación Avanzada de México, S.C.), an expanding international organization based in Mexico which builds skills for SME sustainability while facilitating communication between workers and employers to improve social dialogue; and project Mobile Cocoa, a Nicaraguan group which is building a network of diverse stakeholders across sectors in several Central American nations to improve cacao farmers’ understanding of production and international markets.

Samuel Boduch, Account Manager & Operations Coordinator

Sam Boduch is a sustainability account manager and operations coordinator for EarthShift Global Samuel Boduch, EarthShift Global’s Account Manager and Operations Coordinator, uses his strong business acumen to facilitate business-to-business relationships with EarthShift Global’s clients and partners, and coordinate operational efforts within the company. Drawing on his background in manufacturing and the financial sector, Sam works to identify new ways for EarthShift Global to serve its clients and advance its consulting, software and training offerings.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Finance from Plymouth State University and a Master’s in Business Administration in Sustainability from Antioch University New England.

Cynthia Chatis, Sustainability Assistant

Cynthia Chatis is a Sustainability Assistant at EarthShift GlobalCynthia’s strong entrepreneurial background informs her work at EarthShift Global, where she edits audio-visual webinars while also handling administrative and creative projects, and community outreach. She has founded and managed several enterprises, including a professional organizing service that emphasizes reuse and recycling. Her unique perspective and creativity have also been cultivated in a 30-year career as a performing and recording musician, artist, and teacher, with a focus on community support and engagement through music, sustainability education and chaplaincy study. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management with honors from the University System of New Hampshire.