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Practical Life Cycle Assessment–Recorded Online Training

Interested in Learning Practical Life Cycle Assessment Online But
Don’t Have the Time During Your Busy Work Week?

We Have the Solution for You — Two Easy Training Options!  

Our Recorded Practical Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Online Training Modules allow you the convenience of watching as you learn about life cycle analysis and assessment when you have the time. 

The curriculum will teach you how to:

  • Comfortably apply LCA in a practical project setting, such as product design decisions
  • Scope out life cycle assessment (LCA) projects
  • Develop practical LCA models for products and processes
  • Have a better understanding of how LCA can be used effectively to achieve sustainability goals
“I’m very pleased with my decision to use Earth Smart in my Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) course. The students are undergraduate students with a background in environment and business. Although Earth Smart seemed complicated at first, once they got into the program and entered the components for their project, built the life cycle and analyzed it, it was like magic to them- they were awed by what they could do with it and they found it fairly easy to use. They also really enjoyed seeing the results of a simple LCA for products they had chosen and were very pleased to have learned how to use new software. I highly recommend Earth Smart for introductory LCA courses-it is fairly intuitive to use.”
— Goretty Dias, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada

The Online Training Program is Offered in Two Convenient Formats  


Our life cycle assessment training helps attendees understand life cycle thinking and build simple models to make effective product design decisions.1.  Pre-recorded Modules

Students download training modules and watch at their convenience. The Recorded Practical LCA training package includes:

  • Ten 10-15 minute training modules for you to work through at your own pace
  • Take away exercises for you to put your new skills to practice
  • 3-month subscription to the EarthSmart software
  • Questions answered by email from an EarthShift Global Sustainability Consultant 

View the first module at no cost:  Sustainability Overview and Life Cycle Thinking

Format:  Students are given a user name and password to access the online modules and provided with access to EarthSmart enabling them to follow course exercises and begin to design and analyze their own LCA models.

Price:  $ 200 per attendee
Academic Price:  $ 100 per student



Ordering Information

Order by email:  [email protected] 
Or call:  +1 (207) 608-6228 to place your order and get access to the modules


Perfect in Any Discipline

Engineering and Technical Programs — Attendees will learn to incorporate LCA into product and system design. This skill set will put them at the forefront of their field where Design for Environment is the way forward.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Programs — Attendees will learn a deeper understanding of sustainability using life cycle thinking, and will gain a practical skill in their field.


Watch this Sample Module of the Recorded Practical LCA Training

Practical LCA Training Lab Module #1:  Sustainability Overview and Life Cycle Thinking