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Environmental Management and Policy


Sustainable economies depend on effective environmental regulations, policies, and management strategies. These in turn require detailed understanding of the sources of environmental impacts and key leverage points for improvement. EarthShift Global supports corporate and governmental environmental impact reduction by providing life cycle insights and data that drive sound policy development.

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Environmental Consultants

No consultancy can be expert in every area. EarthShift Global partners with other consultancies to provide in-depth expertise when needed
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Industry Associations have unique opportunities to bring about sustainable change. From Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data collection to a better understanding of life cycle impacts, these associations can identify sustainable opportunities for their members and their members’ customers.
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Non-Governmental Organizations need good metrics, and LCA and S-ROI provide outstanding resources for developing them. EarthShift Global acts as a reliable expert and provides training to NGOs, enabling them to do work internally.
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Governments (National & Local)

Governments have much to gain from more sustainable activities and are actively pursuing assessments such as LCA and S-ROI. EarthShift Global has trained many governmental LCA practitioners including those from cities, provinces, national labs, and research centers.