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Design and Manufacturing


Environmental impacts of products typically get locked in – or locked out -- during design and manufacturing. EarthShift Global helps you make sustainable design and manufacturing choices that support the circular economy with life cycle based research and tools, and extensive hands-on industry experience.

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Sustainable Design & Manufacturing - How We Help

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Chemicals and Plastics

The industrial chemicals and plastics industries are unique in that the perception of their societal and environmental impacts is often more dire than reality.
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Primary Manufacturing

There are significant impacts associated with capital equipment in primary manufacturing, and the interplay between upstream, manufacturing and use-phase impacts.
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Electronics, IT & Semiconductors

Today’s technology affords huge societal opportunities as well as opportunities to reduce our impacts through sophisticated control systems
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Textiles and Apparel

EarthShift Global works with apparel companies and their suppliers providing confidential yet meaningful data transfer and robust assessments.