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Food and BioProducts


There is a delicate balance in how we interact with the Earth’s natural systems to feed ourselves and derive raw materials for products and processes. EarthShift Global uses creative, anticipatory life cycle approaches and modeling work to help producers manage this balance in a sustainable way.

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Agriculture and Food

The systems surrounding our food supply are complex, dynamic and include a fair amount of uncertainty.
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Aquaculture is one the fastest growing food-producing sectors in the world and is expected to provide over 60% of seafood for human consumption by 2030.
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Bio Energy

EarthShift Global has a wide range of tools and knowledge to address the many questions surrounding biofuels sustainability
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Bio Materials

Biomaterials can provide an innovative alternative to fossil based materials, but there can be environmental trade-offs. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate and mitigate these trade-offs.
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Forestry, Lumber and Paper

The global forest industry is evolving, and as a result of technological development and policies favoring renewable materials and energy, there is growing interest in using wood for energy production, building construction, and a range of bio-based materials.