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Infrastructure, Energy and Services


The impacts of global supply chains and service businesses are heavily influenced by infrastructure and energy. EarthShift Global helps these essential sectors improve their environmental performance and boost the sustainability of the many economic sectors that rely on them.

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Buildings & Infrastructure

The demand for sustainable building products is growing, and the role of LCA in supporting the development and certification of alternative building products is becoming increasingly important.
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Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistic is an intrinsic part of every product system. With life cycle management, you can better pinpoint areas for improvement.
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Energy Systems

Energy systems are fundamental for every economic activity and perhaps one of the areas with most innovation and technology development. See how we have worked with industry in this area to reduce environmental impact and guide technology development research.
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Health and Life Sciences

Hospitals are increasingly demanding products with lower environmental footprints, with metrics including water consumption, embodied energy and solid waste.
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Waste Management

As they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Product end-of-life can be complicated to model, particularly when recycling or reuse is involved.