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Packaged Consumer Goods


Achieving sustainable packaging and retailing of products is central to the producer-consumer relationship. But environmental impacts of packaging and the retail supply chain play a vital role in many issues related to resource use and wastes. EarthShift Global uses leading life cycle research and modeling to foster extended producer responsibility and reduce the impacts when consumers bring their products home.

Small decisions by packaging designers can have big environmental effects. Get unique visibility into design, materials, and manufacturing choices with EarthShift Global’s PackageSmart, the easiest-to-use packaging LCA software on the market. It offers access to over 8000 internationally verified datasets so your whole team can make informed decisions during the design process.

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Consumer Goods

Manufacturing-intensive enterprises in the consumer goods field are often ripe with opportunities for sustainability improvements at many points – decisions on materials and ingredients, production processes, packaging, transport, recyclability, and more.
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Packaging and Retail

Packaging is in the spotlight of sustainability. To many, it is the low hanging fruit—it is typically immediately discarded upon purchase, having to be recycled or sent to landfill. Yet packaging fulfills a vital role, minimizing product damage and playing a key role in attracting and informing customers.