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Sustainability Software for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), S-ROI


Sustainability Software: Tools for LCA and Sustainable-ROI

Software Tools Built By and For Sustainability Professionals

EarthShift Global’s Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable-ROI software – and our
custom-developed applications – offer a rare combination of power and ease of use
that help you achieve your unique sustainability goals. We offer:

Our software development process is led by working sustainability professionals, who use the programs themselves every day. That's why our applications are so effective for:

  • Modeling and analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Information Sharing
  • Interpretation and metrics development
  • Implementation and tracking --

...and why they can help you discover opportunities, measure results, and build new ways of thinking across YOUR organization.

“I have taught packaging sustainability since the Spring 2008 to MSU packaging students. The main goal of this course is to evaluate the environmental footprint of product/packaging systems using LCA concepts and streamlined LCA software.
After using many types of software, I have found that PackageSmart does a great job of encouraging system thinking and developing a product/packaging life-cycle perspective among my students.”
— Rafael Auras, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software

EarthShift Global is re-inventing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools with an eye towards maximizing both power and ease of use – because we understand that sustainability work isn’t done solely by sustainability experts. We’re leveraging today’s innovative software development concepts and processes, while applying our extensive hands-on experience at organizations large and small, to deliver applications that make it easy to collaborate, explore, as well as create sustainable solutions that fit your specific situation.
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PackageSmart is a package design software tool from EarthShift Global.



  • EarthSmart
  • PackageSmart

EarthSmart is an optimized Life Cycle Assessment tool that makes it easy for people across your organization to participate in all the aspects of an LCA process – exploration of materials and processes, redesign of components, adoption of alternative packaging and shipping methods, and much more.
Sustainability professionals, consultants and researchers will appreciate the built-in parametric modeling and over 8000 internationally verified datasets, while designers, engineers, marketers, and other team members will appreciate the accessibility of this web-based application. The bottom line is robust, convenient evaluation of environmental impacts of current and future products or services.

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Our packaging Life Cycle Assessment software, PackageSmart, is an optimized LCA tool that allows packaging engineers and designers to quickly evaluate the environmental impacts of their current and future packaging designs. Engineered to fit typical product-design workflows, PackageSmart can help your entire team address the unique challenges posed by your organization’s supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and marketing needs. Developed in consultation with packaging engineers at Colgate-Palmolive as well as other leading enterprises, and tested through the outstanding Michigan State University School of Packaging, PackageSmart makes it easy to make good packaging design choices.

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Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI)

In many organizations, professionals from diverse disciplines are struggling to reconcile the need for demonstrable financial returns with their corporate and personal commitment to sustainability.

How do you ensure that you are making decisions that optimize sustainability performance without merely shifting the burden?

ESG has pioneered the development of Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI), a methodology which enables you to look through the lens of each stakeholder and assess and compare investment opportunities – so you can find the combination that justifies your commitments to socially and environmentally responsible corporate or institutional activity, while minimizing risk and maximizing profitability.

  • 3 Pillars

ESG developed 3Pillars software to support Sustainable Return-on-Investment or, S-ROI projects by enabling a facilitator to collect and organize inputs from across large organizations – by entering and analyzing data from an S-ROI workshop or virtual discussion involving participants from finance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and other disciplines. It’s easy to compile alternatives, scenarios, including costs and benefits into a simple, intuitive graphic user interface – when all voices are heard and all angles considered, your findings will withstand tough scrutiny.

3Pillars software is a tool to expedite SROI, or sustainable return on investment.


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Custom Software Development, Including Templates

EarthShift Global's sustainability experts and software development team are available to create custom client-specific tools that integrate effectively with our primary investigative and evaluation software packages. We also develop stand-alone tools designed to address a specific technology, manufacturing process, materials application or other unique circumstance such as individualized terminology.