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Sustainability Training Programs-Online and Onsite

For Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainable ROI (S-ROI)

Our Mission is to Empower Our Clients. That’s Why Our Training is Focused on You.

Conduct and manage life-cycle assessments with confidence. Give managers and teammates on-point findings and recommendations. Bring new perspectives to strategic discussions. We’ve helped sustainability professionals at hundreds of organizations in a variety of industries build and perfect their skills, and are ready to help you, too – online, at one of our training centers, or arrange for private consulting or a 1-on-1 group training session. Our educational programs provide knowledge on life cycle analysis, interpreting results, assessment methods, handling recycling, online software training for EarthSmart and PackageSmart, impacts, package design sustainability, or environmental consulting and much more. 


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Fall 2021 Boot Camp dates:


Fall 2021 Boot Camp for Sustainability Assessment and Planning

Monday - October 18, Tuesday - October 19, Wednesday - October 20, Thursday - October 21 and Friday - October 21

Our 1 to 5-day sustainability courses will provide you with tools and knowledge to help you effect substantial change in your organization—and your footprint.

Our Classes

BONUS:  All full-price courses include at least one hour of individual consultation with the instructor, so you can get personal assistance; additional one-on-one consultation time is also available.

Life Cycle Assessment


Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI)

Private Consulting / One-on-One and Group Training

Our custom-tailored programs equip you and your colleagues to tackle complex, specialized challenges for your organization, so that you can advance your unique sustainability goals. We often develop specific course materials designed to meet the specific needs of organizations; clients have included Owens Corning, Xerox and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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Our Training Philosophy and Team: Centered on Your Needs

The EarthShift Global team has offered professional training in practical aspects of sustainability since 2003, earning praise for its personal, interactive approach. This format allows a high degree of independence and creative thinking, so that the class concepts and techniques can be effectively adapted to your situation.

Because we want you to come away with knowledge that will be immediately useful to you, every private course offers a low student-to-instructor ratio, and includes at least one hour of personal consultation with the instructor (full price attendees only). This additional training time can be scheduled at your convenience and can include supplemental training on aspects of courses you’ve taken, or hands-on work including design of LCA models and projects.

In addition to learning about LCA software, methodologies, and proven tactics for effective projects, you’ll also come to understand the thought process underlying modern sustainability practices. Our attendees have thanked us repeatedly for our support and guidance.

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Founder & CEO

Lise provides hands-on experience with clients like Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, YFY Jupiter, and the US Department of State – plus a sterling track record of participation in the worldwide sustainability community.

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Nathan is EarthShift Global’s most senior Sustainability Advisor and lecturer at Dalhousie University, well-known for his clear and concise course on navigating the critical review process.

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Valentina brings extensive expertise in developing decision analysis tools for life cycle assessments (LCA), and hands-on experience in the Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) assessment methodology.

Director of Research & Development

Caroline conducts and supports rigorous research and analysis for creating insights and tools that support strategic sustainability decision making for companies, governmental bodies and NGOs.


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Upcoming Sustainability Assessment and Planning Boot Camp Programs:

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Sustainability Courses for FALL 2021 Program:

Day 1 - Advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Day 2 - Social Impact Assessment, S-ROI Facilitation
Day 3 - Integrating Sustainability into the Organization