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Sustainable Packaging Design — Online Training

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Sustainability in Package Design

Online Course Objectives

Co-developed with Professor Rafael Auras from the renowned School of Packaging at Michigan State University, this course is designed to give packaging engineers, packaging managers and sustainability engineers an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) including theory and hands-on experience.

The course will provide a simplified LCA learning experience that introduces participants to the concept of life cycle thinking in the umbrella of packaging, the basics of conducting an LCA, and some practical experience building simple LCA models in PackageSmart, a user-friendly packaging LCA program.

“I have taught packaging sustainability since the Spring 2008 to MSU packaging students. The main goal of this course is to evaluate the environmental footprint of product/packaging systems using LCA concepts and streamlined LCA software.
After using many types of software, I have found that PackageSmart does a great job of encouraging system thinking and developing a product/packaging life-cycle perspective among my students.”
— Rafael Auras, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University


  • Sustainable Packaging Systems
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Goal & Scope
    • Inventory Analysis
  • PackageSmart Orientation
  • Use of LCA in packaging to evaluate end-of-life scenario
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, Residual management
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Impact Assessment
    • Interpretation
  • Keeping it in Perspective

Prerequisites: None
Online, 2 Sessions
Duration: 3 Hours, Each Session - plus one hour of one-on-one time (full price attendees only)

Cost: $1250 per person
Student Discount: Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).


Upcoming Classes — Online Training Course

November 9 - 10, 2021          10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST (15:00-18:00 UTC)           Session 1 - 2 Online — RingCentral
All classes are subject to minimum attendance requirements.

Location Online

The class will meet online using You will also receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These often prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCA’s..

The best setup for taking the class is to have one computer/monitor to view the slides and one computer/monitor set up with EarthSmart to follow along and gain hands-on experience. You will receive a one-month license to EarthSmart before the class.

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